What’s Up Doc?

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What’s Up Doc? Ryan O'Neal was Dr. Howard Bannister in the 1970's film What's Up Doc? trying to win a grant to study his musical igneous rocks and caught up in a whirlwhind in the form of Barbra Streisand who's Judy Maxwell turns ...
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Peoria Babylon

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Peoria Babylon John Ashe (David Drake) and Candy Dineen (Ann Cusack) try to save their failing Peoria art gallery by hiring Matt, a young forger (Matthew Pestorius), to make copies of famous paintings and destroy them at a public showing. The ...
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Method In Method, John Barrowman (of Torchwood) has the role of an obnoxious celebrity entertainment reporter who's trying to get the story on an actress (Elizabeth Hurley) and her ex-husband (Jeremy Sisto). The actress is playing the role of a 19th ...
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Love is the Devil

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Orgonebox.org | No image available Derek Jacobi stars as British painter Francis Bacon in the biographical work Love is the Devil with Daniel Craig as George Dyer, a burgler whom Bacon takes to bed when he discovers him breaking into his house. Bacon eventually loses ...
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Connor Trinneer

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Orgonebox.org | No image available Connor Trinneeras Chief Engineer Trip Tucker on Star Trek Enterprise.  The blue uderwear sure beats the old "red shirts."  Sorry Scotty. . . . [nggallery id=179] n{democracy:4}
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Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard

1 Comment // Dec 12 06 // Cute Guys
Orgonebox.org | No image available In Without a Paddle, Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, and Dax Shepard are three childhood buddies who trek out into the wilderness in search of treasure, where they end up mostly naked and wet. [nggallery id=200]
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Underwear Day

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Orgonebox.org | No image available New York underwear parade of cute guys: Proceed at Your Own Risk
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Johnathon Schaech

6 Comments // Aug 03 06 // Cute Guys
Johnathon Schaech A couple of shirtless shots of Johnathon Schaech (click pic to enlarge).     A few more can be found at: Website of Actor Johnathon Schaech - Actor, Writer, Director, Film Producer
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