Browder / Shanks Kiss

4 Comments // Sep 14 08 // Cute Guys
Browder / Shanks Kiss During introductions at a convention, the Stargate SG1 cast are coming on stage. Michael Shanks kisses Amanda Tapping when he comes on stage, and Ben Browder plants a kiss on Shanks as he's introduced (at around 2 minutes into ...
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A Dog’s Breakfast

Comments Off on A Dog’s Breakfast // Mar 14 08 // Cute Guys | No image available A Dog's Breakfast, a funny independent film that gave David Hewlett, Paul McGillion and Kate Helwett something to do while Stargate Atlantis was on a break. Hewlett's character Patrick decides to kill his sister's fiance (McGillion) who is the ...
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38 Minutes

1 Comment // Oct 23 07 // Cute Guys
38 Minutes Joe Flanigan in the Stargate Atlantis episode "38 Minutes". In order to save the day, they have to rip off his shirt. Here's hoping they have to resort to doing it again this season since they haven't done it for ...
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Stargate for the Heck of It

Comments Off on Stargate for the Heck of It // Aug 23 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Michael Shanks ("Threads") and Ben Browder ("Babylon"). Just for the heck of it. [nggallery id=137]
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Fargate Video

Comments Off on Fargate Video // Jul 23 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Found some Ben Browder on You Tube:
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Stargate – Jack Daniels

Comments Off on Stargate – Jack Daniels // Oct 16 06 // Science Fiction | No image available Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge discuss the Jack / Daniel slash connection at a convention. UTube Michael Shanks on slash And here's another with Shank's talking about the Jack / Daniel relationship.
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Stargate SG1 Continues

Comments Off on Stargate SG1 Continues // Oct 11 06 // Science Fiction | No image available Sci-Fi Wire reports that maybe we won't be seeing the last of the Stargate SG1 crew.  Straight to DVD movies seem to be in the offing.  My first thought is:  tacky way to sell DVD's.  But at least that'll give them ...
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Joe Flanigan

3 Comments // Sep 23 06 // Cute Guys | No image available Joe Flanigan of Stargate:  Atlantis.  For some reason, he doesn't manage to get his shirt off much in SG:  Atlantis (the shirtless shots are from Dawson's Creek or some such prime time soap),  Maybe next season as they just had ...
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