Finding Mr. Wright

1 Comment // Sep 29 12 // Gay Movies
Finding Mr. Wright Clark (Matthew Montgomery) is a talent agent trying to ride herd on his problem child starlet client Eddie (Rebekah Kochan) and never finds time for a social life.  When Eddie's publicist TJ (Rasool J'Han) threatens to drop her due to her ...
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The One

Comments Off on The One // Sep 22 12 // Gay Movies
The One The One that Tommy (Ian Novick) is infatuated with, to the point of stalking, is Daniel (Jon Prescott) a guy he knew in college and happens to run into in a coffee shop.  After a brief hookup, Tommy is smitten, but ...
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Comments Off on Shiner // Sep 14 12 // Gay Movies
Shiner Shiner is the story of a group of men who, whether gay or straight, seem to get off on beating each other up and being beaten up.  Everything from abusing guys they pick up in bars to almost begging to ...
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Bedrooms and Hallways

Comments Off on Bedrooms and Hallways // Aug 17 12 // Gay Movies
Bedrooms and Hallways In Bedrooms and Hallways, Leo (Kevin McKidd) is a gay man just turning 30.  A straight frined convinces him to join his men's group.  During the passing around of the "truth stone," Leo confesses his attration for Brendan (James Purefoy), another ...
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The Green

Comments Off on The Green // Aug 10 12 // Gay Movies
The Green In The Green, Michael (Jason Butler Harner) and Daniel (Cheyenne Jackson) have moved to a small town to escape the big city. Michael is a teacher trying to help Jason (Chris Bert), a struggling student, but the status of "teacher's pet" proves ...
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Comments Off on Buffering // Jul 27 12 // Gay Movies
Buffering Seb (Alex Anthony) comes home from work early to find his boyfriend Aaron (Conner McKenzy) enjoying himself with some gay porn. Turns out Aaron was laid off three months ago and only pretending to head off to work each day. ...
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Into the Lion’s Den

Comments Off on Into the Lion’s Den // Jul 14 12 // Gay Movies
Into the Lion’s Den Warning from the outset: May contain spoilers in the caps. Three gay men, Michael, Johnny, and Ted take a cross country trip from California to New York to get a change of scene. Johnny (Jesse Archer) is a slightly ...
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Comments Off on Longhorns // Jul 04 12 // Gay Movies
Longhorns Set in 1980's Texas, Longhorns is the story of Kevin (Jacob Newton) a confused college student who fantasizes about his best friend while frolicing with cheerleaders until he meets Cesar (Derek Efrain Villanueva) the gay kid in the dorm. ...
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