Comments Off on Redwoods // Jan 30 10 // Gay Movies
Redwoods Everett (Brendan Bradley) is in a lackluster relationship with Miles (Tad Coughenour) and seems to be sticking around because of their son and possibly the fact that their small town only has about a dozen people and pickings may be ...
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Make the Yuletide Gay

Comments Off on Make the Yuletide Gay // Dec 20 09 // Gay Movies
Make the Yuletide Gay Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson (Keith Jordan) is out at college but straightens up when he heads home for Christmas break with his mid-western parents. Meanwhile, his boyfriend Nathan (Adamo Ruggiero) whose own parents go on a last minute cruise ditching him ...
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A Home at the End of the World

Comments Off on A Home at the End of the World // Dec 06 09 // Gay Movies
A Home at the End of the World Bobby (Colin Farrell), Jonathan (Dallas Roberts) and Clare (Robin Wright Penn) form an unconventional family. Jonathan is a gay man living in New York when his childhood friend / adopted brother Bobby comes to live with him and his roommate ...
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Trick or Treat

Comments Off on Trick or Treat // Oct 31 09 // Cute Guys
Trick or Treat There's a few horror movies that you don't watch for the chills. Happy Halloween. Wolves of Wall Street William Gregory Lee (Dante’s Cove) stars in Wolves of Wall Street as a young man who comes to New York seeking his dream only ...
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Green Plaid Shirt

Comments Off on Green Plaid Shirt // Oct 25 09 // Gay Movies
Green Plaid Shirt Guy (Kevin Spirtas) and Phillip (Gregory Phelan) meet at a garage sale where they are both looking at the same Green Plaid Shirt. The two start a relationship which has it's rocky moments. Set in the late 1970's, we find ...
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Between Something and Nothing

Comments Off on Between Something and Nothing // Oct 11 09 // Gay Movies
Between Something and Nothing Joe (Tim Swain) is an art school student on a scholarship who picks up extra money hustling. In between drawing, hanging out and getting stoned with his fag-hag, and getting unfortunate haircuts he starts to fall for Ramon (Gil Bar-Sela) ...
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Grand Sons

Comments Off on Grand Sons // Oct 04 09 // Gay Movies
Grand Sons Regine is a grandmother who's gay grandson Guillaume (Guillaume Quatravaux) is still grieving for his now 2 years departed mother whose ashes sit in a suitcase on gradma's balcony because Guillaume hasn't gotten them scattered over Scotland yet. Then ...
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The Houseboy

Comments Off on The Houseboy // Sep 27 09 // Gay Movies
The Houseboy Nick May is Ricky "The Houseboy" in this 2007 independent film. Overhearing that he's going to be replaced with a "new toy for Christmas" by the couple he's living with, he goes on a spree of pickups while they're gone ...
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