Surrender Dorothy

2 Comments // Sep 07 08 // Cute Guys
Surrender Dorothy Surrender Dorothy gives us a group of friends on vacation at a summer cottage. Sarah (Alexa Davalos) is a careless driver and, fag hag for Adam (Tom Everett Scott), who gets herself killed in an accident. Her mother ...
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The Rundown

Comments Off on The Rundown // Sep 01 08 // Cute Guys
The Rundown In The Rundown, Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson is Beck, a bounty hunter (sorta), working for a mobster who's son Travis (Sean William Scott) has run off to South America. Travis is searching for an ancient idol of gold that'll ...
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Hit and Runway

Comments Off on Hit and Runway // Aug 22 08 // Cute Guys
Hit and Runway Alex (Michael Parducci) is a wanna be screenwriter working in his family's restaurant and living in the basement. He finally gets a break when his cousin hooks him up with a great opportunity. The only problem is that ...
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Cut Sleeve Boys

Comments Off on Cut Sleeve Boys // Aug 15 08 // Cute Guys
Cut Sleeve Boys Mel (Steven Lim) and Ash (Chowee Leow) are two ever so slightly aging gay British Chinese men who start to come to grips with getting older after the sudden death of an old friend. Mel by fighting to not ...
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Back Soon

2 Comments // Aug 08 08 // Cute Guys
Back Soon In Back Soon, Logan (Windham Beacham) is a young widower selling his house. Gil (Matthew Montgomery), a stranger, shows up and buys it and the two straight men develop a friendship. When Logan's car won't start he stays ...
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Comments Off on Endgame // Aug 01 08 // Cute Guys
Endgame Tom (Daniel Newman) is a young London rent boy being kept by Norris (Mark McGann), a drug dealer, who is into treating him rough. During one session, Tom pushes Norris off him and accidentally kills him. Tom turns ...
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Lies & Alibis

Comments Off on Lies & Alibis // Jul 25 08 // Cute Guys
Lies & Alibis This 2006 movie tells the story of a "reformed" con man (Steve Coogan) whose business is now covering up the infidelities of his clients. As a favor to a long time client, he agrees to cover for a last ...
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Peoria Babylon

Comments Off on Peoria Babylon // Jul 18 08 // Gay Movies
Peoria Babylon John Ashe (David Drake) and Candy Dineen (Ann Cusack) try to save their failing Peoria art gallery by hiring Matt, a young forger (Matthew Pestorius), to make copies of famous paintings and destroy them at a public showing. The ...
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