Finding Mr. Wright

1 Comment // Sep 29 12 // Gay Movies
Finding Mr. Wright Clark (Matthew Montgomery) is a talent agent trying to ride herd on his problem child starlet client Eddie (Rebekah Kochan) and never finds time for a social life.  When Eddie's publicist TJ (Rasool J'Han) threatens to drop her due to her ...
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I Want to Get Married

Comments Off on I Want to Get Married // Sep 07 12 // Gay Movies
I Want to Get Married After Paul (Matthew Montgomery) attends the wedding of a lesbian couple, the nerdy gay guy decides he wants to get married with Prop 8 looming on the horizon despite the fact that he's always been awkward even meeting guys.   On top ...
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Flight of the Cardinal

Comments Off on Flight of the Cardinal // Aug 24 12 // Gay Movies
Flight of the Cardinal Grady(Ross Beschler) is a washed up actor who has opened a lodge in the mountains of Norther Carolina to get away from the stresses of New York City.  Grady has gathered a group of his city friends at the remote ...
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Role / Play

2 Comments // Mar 13 11 // Gay Movies
Role / Play The new Rob Williams film Role / Play centers around an outed soap opera star and a gay marriage activist.  Graham (Steve Callahan) sees his career in ruins after a sex tape showing him with his boyfriend is leaked on ...
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Pornography: a Thriller

Comments Off on Pornography: a Thriller // Jul 26 10 // Gay Movies
Pornography:  a Thriller Pornography:  a Thriller revolves around the maybe, maybe not death of a 1980's porn star in a snuff flick.  Mark Anton (Jared Grey) was a famous porn actor who was semi-retired and gets offered a lot of money in the mid ...
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Comments Off on Redwoods // Jan 30 10 // Gay Movies
Redwoods Everett (Brendan Bradley) is in a lackluster relationship with Miles (Tad Coughenour) and seems to be sticking around because of their son and possibly the fact that their small town only has about a dozen people and pickings may be ...
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Long Term Relationship

1 Comment // Oct 03 08 // Gay Movies
Long Term Relationship Glenn (Matthew Montgomery) gets tired of the "gay scene" and decides to respond to a personals ad found by one of his group of friends.  Adam (Windham Beacham) the guy running the ad is a "shy romantic" from ...
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Back Soon

2 Comments // Aug 08 08 // Cute Guys
Back Soon In Back Soon, Logan (Windham Beacham) is a young widower selling his house. Gil (Matthew Montgomery), a stranger, shows up and buys it and the two straight men develop a friendship. When Logan's car won't start he stays ...
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