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Strapped Strapped follows a young hustler (Ben Bonenfant) who finds himself trapped in an apartment building after leaving a trick.  While trying to find his way out, he runs into one encounter after another with gay men ready to buy his services all ...
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Between Something and Nothing

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Between Something and Nothing Joe (Tim Swain) is an art school student on a scholarship who picks up extra money hustling. In between drawing, hanging out and getting stoned with his fag-hag, and getting unfortunate haircuts he starts to fall for Ramon (Gil Bar-Sela) ...
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Comments Off on Endgame // Aug 01 08 // Cute Guys
Endgame Tom (Daniel Newman) is a young London rent boy being kept by Norris (Mark McGann), a drug dealer, who is into treating him rough. During one session, Tom pushes Norris off him and accidentally kills him. Tom turns ...
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Skin and Bone

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Skin and Bone Skin and Bone (1996) follows Harry (B. Wyatt), Dean (Alan Boyce), and Billy (Garrett Scullen), three male prostitutes who work for a female pimp who keeps a tight reign on her boys. When they try to leave and go ...
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Boy Culture

2 Comments // Dec 09 07 // Cute Guys | No image available "X" (Derek Magyar) is the nameless gay prostitute who narrates Boy Culture. He's built a business around 12 wealthy clients and a perfect little gay family with his two roommates Andrew (Darryl Stephens) and Joey (Jonathon Trent). "X" ...
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Brendan MacKey and Glen Mulhern

Comments Off on Brendan MacKey and Glen Mulhern // Sep 30 07 // Cute Guys | No image available A Britsh comedy, 9 Dead Gay Guys, is the tale of Byron (Brendan MacKey) and Kenny (Glen Mulhern) who are two Irish lads come to London. Byron is having sex in the local gay pub to earn drinking money. ...
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200 American

Comments Off on 200 American // Jul 18 07 // Cute Guys | No image available In 200 American (dollars, that is), Conrad (Matt Walton), a gay executive, has been dumped by his boyfriend and turns to Ian (Sean Matic), an Australian hustler, for sex and companionship. Infatuated with the young man, Conrad hires him ...
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Joe Dallesandro

Comments Off on Joe Dallesandro // Jun 23 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Joe Dallesandro is a young hustler in Andy Warhol Presents: Flesh (1968). The movie follows Joe throughout the day as he picks up men and tries to hustle the cash his wife is demanding. Much of the ...
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