Blood for Dracula

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Blood for Dracula Blood for Dracula is the quasi-sequel to Paul Morrissey's Flesh for Frankenstein.  Udo Kier returns in the title role as a sickly Count Dracula on the prowl for "wirgins"  to marry and take their blood so he can survive.  Arno ...
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Flesh for Frankenstein

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Flesh for Frankenstein Paul Morriessey's Flesh for Frankenstein retells the "Frankenstein" story with Udo Kier as Baron Frankenstein trying to create a super race of Serbian zombies who will worship him as their master. Part of his plan is creating a male and ...
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Joe Dallesandro

Comments Off on Joe Dallesandro // Jun 23 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Joe Dallesandro is a young hustler in Andy Warhol Presents: Flesh (1968). The movie follows Joe throughout the day as he picks up men and tries to hustle the cash his wife is demanding. Much of the ...
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Comments Off on Beefcake // Apr 22 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Beefcake (1998) gives a dramatized account of Bob Mizer (Daniel McIvor) and his Athletic Model Guild (AMG). Joshua Peace portrays a young model in the AMG stables. The movie is interspersed with snippets of AMG films and pictures ...
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