Into the Lion’s Den

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Into the Lion’s Den Warning from the outset: May contain spoilers in the caps. Three gay men, Michael, Johnny, and Ted take a cross country trip from California to New York to get a change of scene. Johnny (Jesse Archer) is a slightly ...
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House of Usher

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House of Usher Victor Reynolds (Michael Cardelle) comes to help out his old friend Roderick Usher (Frank Mentier) who’s wasting away in his crumbling mansion surrounded by his sister, his hot handyman Markus (Jack Carlisle) and the ghosts of boyfriends past.  Roderick tries ...
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Blood for Dracula

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Blood for Dracula Blood for Dracula is the quasi-sequel to Paul Morrissey's Flesh for Frankenstein.  Udo Kier returns in the title role as a sickly Count Dracula on the prowl for "wirgins"  to marry and take their blood so he can survive.  Arno ...
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Watch Out

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Watch Out Matt Riddlehoover is the ultra narcissitic Jonathan Barrows in Watch Out.  We start with Jonathan's bizarre teen years and his parents trying to get him to lose his virginity to a woman (while they film it) and we then follow him ...
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Flesh for Frankenstein

1 Comment // Nov 06 09 // Cute Guys
Flesh for Frankenstein Paul Morriessey's Flesh for Frankenstein retells the "Frankenstein" story with Udo Kier as Baron Frankenstein trying to create a super race of Serbian zombies who will worship him as their master. Part of his plan is creating a male and ...
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Trick or Treat

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Trick or Treat There's a few horror movies that you don't watch for the chills. Happy Halloween. Wolves of Wall Street William Gregory Lee (Dante’s Cove) stars in Wolves of Wall Street as a young man who comes to New York seeking his dream only ...
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Cthulhu What are the forces of evil to do when the last scion of generations spent perpetuating badness passed from father to son turns out to be gay? Cthulhu takes the works of H.P. Lovecraft as a starting point and puts a ...
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Playroom Playroom (aka Consequences) - a group of mostly jock buddies (Chris Cannon, Nicholas Kattar, Paul Marron, Adam Ratcliffe & Michael Tranzilli) from high school reunite for their annual "football weekend" away from thier wives and families. This time, two of ...
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