Hit and Runway

Comments Off on Hit and Runway // Aug 22 08 // Cute Guys
Hit and Runway Alex (Michael Parducci) is a wanna be screenwriter working in his family's restaurant and living in the basement. He finally gets a break when his cousin hooks him up with a great opportunity. The only problem is that ...
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Cut Sleeve Boys

Comments Off on Cut Sleeve Boys // Aug 15 08 // Cute Guys
Cut Sleeve Boys Mel (Steven Lim) and Ash (Chowee Leow) are two ever so slightly aging gay British Chinese men who start to come to grips with getting older after the sudden death of an old friend. Mel by fighting to not ...
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Back Soon

2 Comments // Aug 08 08 // Cute Guys
Back Soon In Back Soon, Logan (Windham Beacham) is a young widower selling his house. Gil (Matthew Montgomery), a stranger, shows up and buys it and the two straight men develop a friendship. When Logan's car won't start he stays ...
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Comments Off on Endgame // Aug 01 08 // Cute Guys
Endgame Tom (Daniel Newman) is a young London rent boy being kept by Norris (Mark McGann), a drug dealer, who is into treating him rough. During one session, Tom pushes Norris off him and accidentally kills him. Tom turns ...
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Bowser Makes a Movie

2 Comments // Jul 11 08 // Cute Guys
Bowser Makes a Movie In Bowser Makes a Movie, a young man named Bowser (Nick Lewis) has been fired from job after job. He finally tells his parents of his dream to become a porn director. As you can imagine, that went ...
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You Belong To Me

Comments Off on You Belong To Me // Jun 27 08 // Gay Movies
Orgonebox.org | No image available Based on the DVD extras interviews, You Belong To Me was a fairly ambitious film, but fell a little short. Jeffrey (Daniel Sauli) is a young architect whose morning frolic with his trick (Julien Lucas) is interrupted by his ...
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And There You Are

Comments Off on And There You Are // Jun 20 08 // Gay Movies
Orgonebox.org | No image available Ray (Roy Kirkland) runs a furniture store in Georgia. He's obsessed with only dating straight guys. And There You Are follows his misadventures with a string of cute, young, straight boys (Tyler Mitchell, Jeffrey Ordonez, Davey H. Sheffield, ...
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In the Blood

Comments Off on In the Blood // Jun 13 08 // Gay Movies
Orgonebox.org | No image available Cassidy (Tyler Hanes) is a college senior who's trying to come to grips with his attraction to men and attempts to hire a hustler (Carlos Alberto Valencia). During a series of murders of blond, young women on campus, Cassidy ...
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