Day at the Beach

4 Comments // Oct 20 10 // Cute Guys
Day at the Beach Just a couple of shots from a trip to the beach:
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War Boys

Comments Off on War Boys // Sep 26 10 // Gay Movies
War Boys George (Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith), David (Benjamin Walker) and Greg (Victor Rasuk) are the War Boys, a group of young men who have nothing better to do than park on the border with Mexico and harrass illegal immigrants.  David ...
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The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes

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The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes John (Tim Swain) is The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes a young man living an ordinary life who slightly envies his friend Kevin who's life consists of traveling the globe as personal assistant to "Solange" (Mahogony Reynolds).  Solange is a ...
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The Wolves of Kromer

Comments Off on The Wolves of Kromer // Aug 28 10 // Gay Movies
The Wolves of Kromer The small English village of Kromer is home to a pack of "wolves" living on the outskirts of society. The experienced wolf Gabriel (James Layton) takes the newcomer Seth (Lee Williams) under his wing and the two begin to fall for one ...
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A Single Man

Comments Off on A Single Man // Aug 07 10 // Gay Movies
A Single Man Tom Ford's A Single Man is an adaptation of  Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel.  It follows a day in the life of George Falconer (Colin Firth), a gayEnglish professor teaching in California.  George's lover Jim (Matthew Goode) was killed in a car ...
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Pornography: a Thriller

Comments Off on Pornography: a Thriller // Jul 26 10 // Gay Movies
Pornography:  a Thriller Pornography:  a Thriller revolves around the maybe, maybe not death of a 1980's porn star in a snuff flick.  Mark Anton (Jared Grey) was a famous porn actor who was semi-retired and gets offered a lot of money in the mid ...
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Blood for Dracula

Comments Off on Blood for Dracula // Jul 18 10 // Cute Guys
Blood for Dracula Blood for Dracula is the quasi-sequel to Paul Morrissey's Flesh for Frankenstein.  Udo Kier returns in the title role as a sickly Count Dracula on the prowl for "wirgins"  to marry and take their blood so he can survive.  Arno ...
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The Big Gay Musical

Comments Off on The Big Gay Musical // Jul 11 10 // Gay Movies
The Big Gay Musical The Big Gay Musical is the tale of an off Broadway play "Adam and Steve, Just the Way God Made 'Em" and the actors who play the lead roles, Paul and Eddie.  Paul / Gay Adam (Daniel Robinson) is going through a breakup ...
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