Jason Beghe

3 Comments // Aug 05 06 // Cute Guys
Orgonebox.org | No image available In Monkey Shines (1988), Jason Beghe plays a paraplegic who recieves an experimental helper monkey - an EVIL monkey.  I remember seeing the movie on TV and halfway watching it.  I don't know that the sponge bath scene was in ...
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Lorenzo Lamas

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Orgonebox.org | No image available             Lorenzo Lamas - the son of Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas.  Appeared in a great many TV shows and movies.  Shows well in a speedo. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001444/           
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Johnathon Schaech

6 Comments // Aug 03 06 // Cute Guys
Johnathon Schaech A couple of shirtless shots of Johnathon Schaech (click pic to enlarge).     A few more can be found at: Website of Actor Johnathon Schaech - Actor, Writer, Director, Film Producer
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Peter Krause

Comments Off on Peter Krause // Aug 02 06 // Cute Guys
Orgonebox.org | No image available Here's a little something with Peter Krause shirtless from Sportsnight.  I think this was the only skin he showed in the series. Click the pic to enlarge.
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A Post

2 Comments // Aug 01 06 // Science Fiction
Orgonebox.org | No image available Just a post to kick things off and see how it works. Daleks invade. "Exterminate!"
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