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Flexing with Monty

Comments Off on Flexing with Monty // Dec 27 10 // Gay Movies
Flexing with Monty Monty (the late Trevor Goddard) is a body building fanatic who lives with his genius younger brother Bertin (Rudi Davis).  Monty, a physical education teacher spends all his time working out but trades off his brother's brains by having him ...
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Mr. Right

Comments Off on Mr. Right // Nov 27 10 // Gay Movies
Mr. Right In Mr. Right, Harry (James Lance) is a TV producer making home improvement and antique shows while his boyfriend Alex (Luke de Woolfson) tries to become an actor while working a catering job.  Their lives get disrupted when Harry's cute carpenter ...
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The Art of Being Straight

Comments Off on The Art of Being Straight // Nov 12 10 // Gay Movies
The Art of Being Straight  Jon (Jesse Rosen) moves to Los Angeles after breaking up with his girlfriend and moves in with Andy (Jared Grey) a friend from college.  Getting a job at an ad agency leads to Jon being seduced by Paul (Johnny Ray) ...
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Broken Hearts Club

Comments Off on Broken Hearts Club // Nov 06 10 // Gay Movies
Broken Hearts Club From 2000, The Broken Hears Club is set in West Hollywood where a group of gay friends go through various trials and tribulations of relationships and life in general with the help of their mentor / employer Jack (Frasier's John Mahoney).  ...
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House of Usher

Comments Off on House of Usher // Oct 30 10 // Gay Movies
House of Usher Victor Reynolds (Michael Cardelle) comes to help out his old friend Roderick Usher (Frank Mentier) who’s wasting away in his crumbling mansion surrounded by his sister, his hot handyman Markus (Jack Carlisle) and the ghosts of boyfriends past.  Roderick tries ...
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War Boys

Comments Off on War Boys // Sep 26 10 // Gay Movies
War Boys George (Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith), David (Benjamin Walker) and Greg (Victor Rasuk) are the War Boys, a group of young men who have nothing better to do than park on the border with Mexico and harrass illegal immigrants.  David ...
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The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes

Comments Off on The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes // Sep 11 10 // Gay Movies
The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes John (Tim Swain) is The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes a young man living an ordinary life who slightly envies his friend Kevin who's life consists of traveling the globe as personal assistant to "Solange" (Mahogony Reynolds).  Solange is a ...
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The Wolves of Kromer

Comments Off on The Wolves of Kromer // Aug 28 10 // Gay Movies
The Wolves of Kromer The small English village of Kromer is home to a pack of "wolves" living on the outskirts of society. The experienced wolf Gabriel (James Layton) takes the newcomer Seth (Lee Williams) under his wing and the two begin to fall for one ...
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