Flight of the Cardinal

Written on Aug 24 12 // Gay Movies.

Grady(Ross Beschler) is a washed up actor who has opened a lodge in the mountains of Norther Carolina to get away from the stresses of New York City.  Grady has gathered a group of his city friends at the remote North Carolina lodge.  Karen (Claire Bowerman) who was his agent, her boyfriend Rye (Jeremy Marr Williams) and Grady’s boyfriend Alex (Matthew Montgomery) all arrive concerned about how well Grady has been adapting to his new life. 

Beetle (David J. Bonner, NSFW), is a young man from town who’s helping at the lodge and is out to get ahead by any means he can find.  Flight of the Cardinal presents a suspenseful thriller with the psychopathic Beetle setting out to manipulate the fragile Grady by sabotaging his life, beginning with replacing his medication with fakes and runnng him down with the townsfolk and his visiting friends.   Alex let’s Grady know that he’s come t o break up with him and Karen is concerned about her investment in the lodge, contibuting  to Grady’s continued stress.  Good film with a nice table turning ending.

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