Bedrooms and Hallways

Written on Aug 17 12 // Gay Movies.

In Bedrooms and Hallways, Leo (Kevin McKidd) is a gay man just turning 30.  A straight frined convinces him to join his men’s group.  During the passing around of the “truth stone,” Leo confesses his attration for Brendan (James Purefoy), another member of the group. Leo’s discussion in the group brought another member Terry (Con O’Neill) to the realization that he’s interested in gays.  When Terry shows an interest in Leo, Brendan starts to get jealous.  Leo and Brendan continue to develop a friendship and Brendan’s curiosity leads them to get intimate.  Meanwhile, Leo meets Brendan’s ex-girlfriend Sally who turns out to be his “teenage sweet heart” and he rekindles his friendship with her while trying to keep his relationship with Brendan a secret.

Meanwhile, Leo’s roommate Darrin (Tom Hollander) is seeing a real estate agent (Hugo Weaving) who uses the houses he’s showing for their sexual trysts.

McKidd and Purfoy were together again in Rome with less kissing but probably more skin.

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