You Should Meet My Son

Written on Aug 03 12 // Gay Movies.

Brian (Stewart Carrico) struggles with keeping the fact that he’s gay from his conservative Southern mother Mae, who’s constantly trying to fix him up with girls.  Even breaking up with his boyfriend Dennis (Brett Holland) to keep his secret.  When she and his aunt Rose overhear a conversation that arouses her suspicions, she and her sister take a magazine quiz that confirms their suspicions.  After exploring and being horrified by conversion therapy, her efforts to get her son in a relationship kick into high gear and Mae and Rose set out to find him a new boyfriend.  gay men on the internet (with the help of the neighbor’s son Greg (Chirs Nolan), in bars, and getting advice from drag queens.  Finally, she settles on Chase (Steve Snyder), an art student and go-go boy, only to find that Brian has decided to get married:  to a woman.

You Should Meet My Son


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