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Set in 1980’s Texas, Longhorns is the story of Kevin (Jacob Newton) a confused college student who fantasizes about his best friend while frolicing with cheerleaders until he meets Cesar (Derek Efrain Villanueva) the gay kid in the dorm. Cesar falls for Kevin who defends him from the homophobic Justin (Kevin Held) and they start an on again off again dance as Kevin comes to grips with his feelings and Cesar gets annoyed with the games. Kevin heads off to join his high school buddies Steve (Dylan Vox) and Daniel (Stephen Matzke) for a weekend to get away from all the gay stuff he’d been “tricked” into only to find the expected girls can’t reach the cabin due to a flood and the three men are stuck alone with only a porn tape for entertainment.

It’s a funny and entertaining movie with likeable leads. Doesn’t hurt that each of the guys gets a brief but definite full frontal appearance (site NSFW).

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