Welcome to Woop Woop

Written on May 31 11 // Cute Guys.

From 1997, Johnathan Schaech is Teddy, a con man on the run from a deal gone bad trying to sell rare birds in New York.  He winds up in Australia, where he meets Angie, a strange woman who watches him shower and then hitches a ride with him.  After a brief fling, Teddy finds himself knocked out and then wakes up in the town of Woop Woop run by Angie’s psycho father Daddy-O (Rod Taylor) in middle of nowhere Australia.  Teddy finds that the bizarre townsfolk consider him married to Angie and that Daddy-O never lets anyone leave town and there’s no contact with the outside world.  Pretty funny film and it finds lots of excuses to get Schaech in varying states of undress.

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