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Christopher and His Kind

Comments Off on Christopher and His Kind // Jul 24 11 // Gay Movies
Christopher and His Kind Christopher and His Kind brings Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) to the role of Christopher Isherwood in this bit of autobiography that tells of Isherwood's time in pre-Nazi Germany.  The wide eyed Christopher heads to Berlin for the boys and has ...
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Comments Off on Kaboom // Jul 03 11 // Gay Movies
Kaboom Smith (Thomas Dekker) is bisexual, just starting college, and contending with his straight surfer boy rommmate Thor (Chris Zylka) who's sending all sorts of gay signals.  Meanwhile his lesbian best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) is trying to break up with her crazy ...
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Amnesia: the James Brighton Enigma

Comments Off on Amnesia: the James Brighton Enigma // Jun 25 11 // Gay Movies
Amnesia:  the James Brighton Enigma A naked American is found wandering around Canada with Amnesia.  James Brighton (Dusan Dukic) has no memory of who he is or how he ended up on the street, but does remember that he's gay.  Taken in by the Montreal ...
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I Love You Phillip Morris

Comments Off on I Love You Phillip Morris // Jun 05 11 // Gay Movies
I Love You Phillip Morris In I Love You Phillip Morris, Steven Russell (Jim Carey) is a married cop indulging in a closeted gay life.  After a nearly deadly accident, he comes out and starts a lavish lifestyle that he supports by being a con ...
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Welcome to Woop Woop

Comments Off on Welcome to Woop Woop // May 31 11 // Cute Guys
Welcome to Woop Woop From 1997, Johnathan Schaech is Teddy, a con man on the run from a deal gone bad trying to sell rare birds in New York.  He winds up in Australia, where he meets Angie, a strange woman who watches him ...
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Comments Off on Jeffrey // May 25 11 // Gay Movies
Jeffrey Jeffrey (Steven Weber) is a young gay man living in New York who's terrified of all the things that can go wrong from having sex.  As he makes the decision to just become celibate, he runs into Steve (Michael T. ...
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I’ll Love You Forever. . . Tonight

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I’ll Love You Forever. . . Tonight I'll Love You Forever. . . Tonight, a black and white film from 1992, follows Ethan (Paul Marius), a photographer, on a get away with his friend Dennis (Jason Adams) to Palm Springs where they meet up with other old and ...
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Role / Play

2 Comments // Mar 13 11 // Gay Movies
Role / Play The new Rob Williams film Role / Play centers around an outed soap opera star and a gay marriage activist.  Graham (Steve Callahan) sees his career in ruins after a sex tape showing him with his boyfriend is leaked on ...
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