Mr. Right

Written on Nov 27 10 // Gay Movies.

In Mr. Right, Harry (James Lance) is a TV producer making home improvement and antique shows while his boyfriend Alex (Luke de Woolfson) tries to become an actor while working a catering job.  Their lives get disrupted when Harry’s cute carpenter gets sick and he hires Lars (Benjamin Hart), the do nothing but good looking boyfriend of Tom (David Morris) as a temporary replacement.  Lars tries to seduce Harry into making the role permanent and when turned down, he gets his revenge by spreading the rumor that they had a fling anyway.  Meanwhile, rugby player and antiques dealer William (Rocky Marshall) is falling for soap opera star Laurence (Leon Ockenden) but finds the relationship complicated by what his fears about how his young daughter will react to having to share him with someone else.  And then there’s Louise (Georgia Zaris) who introduces her new boyfriend Paul (Jeremy Edwards) to the group of gay men, only to find that he seems a little too fascinated by them for her to be convinced he’s completely straight.

Link:  interview with film maker David Morris.

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