The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes

Written on Sep 11 10 // Gay Movies.

John (Tim Swain) is The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes a young man living an ordinary life who slightly envies his friend Kevin who’s life consists of traveling the globe as personal assistant to “Solange” (Mahogony Reynolds).  Solange is a minor celebrity whose career consisted mostly of getting hacked up in various Italian horror flicks and a briefly sensational music video.  When Kevin dies, Solange convinces John to join her as his replacement.  As they travel around Europe, John falls for Alain (Valentin Plessy) a young waiter in France and Giacomo (Yann de Monterno) in Italy.  But eventually John comes to wonder just what it is that Solange is up to as mysterious strangers follow them and bad things happen wherever they go.

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