Pornography: a Thriller

Written on Jul 26 10 // Gay Movies.

Pornography:  a Thriller revolves around the maybe, maybe not death of a 1980’s porn star in a snuff flick.  Mark Anton (Jared Grey) was a famous porn actor who was semi-retired and gets offered a lot of money in the mid 1990’s to do a personal appearance for a fan who wants to interview him.  When his agent tries to scam him out of the money, things go bad for Mark forcing him to do the interview he’d planned to skip.  We then move to the present day where a writer Michael (Matthew Montgomery) is researching a book on gay porn.  He ends up renting [with his is he real or isn’t he lover William (Walter Delmar)]what may be the same apartment where the maybe snuff flick was filmed and finds an old video tape hidden in the wall.  His quest to find answers to Mark’s fate drags him into weirder and weirder scenes.  Finally, we come to the third tale of Matt Stevens (Pete Scherer), a present day porn star who decides to make a pornographic documentary of the Mark Anton story based on a dream he had, but then the dreams starts to take over.  Apperances by Dylan Vox as Mark’s on screen partner and Steve Callahan as Matt’s producer.

 Great movie, great cast.

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