Blood for Dracula

Written on Jul 18 10 // Cute Guys.

Blood for Dracula is the quasi-sequel to Paul Morrissey’s Flesh for Frankenstein.  Udo Kier returns in the title role as a sickly Count Dracula on the prowl for “wirgins”  to marry and take their blood so he can survive.  Arno Juerging is again the servant of the title monster, but this time a little more assertive in handling his ailing master.  Convinced by his servant to load up the coffin and head to Italy, the count stumbles upon a down at the heels aristocratic family with four daughters for him to choose from.  Unfortunately for the count, Joe Dallesandro is a man servant on the estate who’s been seeing to it that some of the sisters no longer have virgin blood. 

And this time around, we get Udo out of his shirt, too.

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