The Big Gay Musical

Written on Jul 11 10 // Gay Movies.

The Big Gay Musical is the tale of an off Broadway play “Adam and Steve, Just the Way God Made ‘Em” and the actors who play the lead roles, Paul and Eddie.  Paul / Gay Adam (Daniel Robinson) is going through a breakup with his boyfriend and trying to decide between monogamy and being a slut.  Eddie / Steve (Joey Dudding) is a virgin looking for his first experience with a man and trying to figure out how to tell his religious parents not only that he’s gay, but the first big play he’s in deals with how God created a new Adam and a male companion Steve after he had to boot the original Adam (Ben Thompson) and Eve (Celina Carvajal) out of Eden.  The movie’s great and the musical play it’s centered around is worth seeing on it’s own (check out the DVD extras).  Brent Corrigan has a small role as a hustler Paul hires when he gets lonely for companionship.

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