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Alexa (Emmy Rossum) wants to be an actress, but finds herself paired in the school play with Johnny (Zach Gilford), who’s only taking drama because he was suspended from soccer and has no real interest in the project.  Making things worse, a former student, now a well known actor (Alan Cumming), comes to see rehersals  and compliments Johnny while telling Alexa she needs to get out and live a bit before she can be a real actess.  Alexa sets out to seduce Johnny and then finds that her gay best friend Ben (Ashley Springer) has also seduced Johnny, who seems desperate for any affection he can get.  In Dare, the two friends raise the relationship stakes and we find if Johnny can be shared or forced to choose.

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The DVD extras also include the oringinal short of “Dare” which centers around Ben (Adam Fleming) and Johnny (Michael Cassidy) and their encounter in Johnny’s swimming pool.

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