Watch Out

Written on Jun 27 10 // Gay Movies.

Matt Riddlehoover is the ultra narcissitic Jonathan Barrows in Watch Out.  We start with Jonathan’s bizarre teen years and his parents trying to get him to lose his virginity to a woman (while they film it) and we then follow him to a job interview at a community college where he’s trying to get a teaching job he feels is beneath him.  His self absorption (he finds only himself to be sexually attractive) leads him further and futher into conflict with an offbeat world in the small town he’s visiting.  Eventually, we learn of his more murderous side as he kills off those he sees as having wronged him.  Lots of skin from Riddlehoover (warning:  site NSFW), but sometimes the narration and pacing made me wish they’d just get on with things.  A brief cameo from Peter Stickles as one of a couple Jonathan Barrows meets and offends in the town’s seafood restaurant.

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