Written on Mar 13 10 // Cute Guys.

From 1989 and the discount rack, Cage is the story of Billy (Lou Ferrigno) and Scott (Reb Brown).  In Vietnam, Billy saves Scott’s life at the cost of taking a bullet in the head leaving him with a child’s mind in a very big guy’s body.  Scott makes it his mission to repay Billy by taking care of him.  The two come to the attention of a gambler during a fight at Scott’s bar when they beat up a gang bent on causing trouble.  The gambler destroys their lives and manipulates Billy into a death match cage fight where he’s sure the mentally challenged man will beat the champ and provide him a way out of his debts.  A fair buddy action flick of sorts with the interesting twist being the mentally challenged Billy, but nothing to go out of your way for other than the muscle men stripped to the waist.

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