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Little Ashes

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Little Ashes Little Ashes provides a look at the 1920's love affair between painter Salvadore Dali (Robert Pattinson) and poet Javier Beltrán (Federico García Lorca).  While in school the two become attracted to one another but drift apart as Dali seems to ...
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The Dying Gaul

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The Dying Gaul [caption id="attachment_1297" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Dying Gaul"][/caption] The Dying Gaul, the movie, not the statue, has Robert (Peter Sarsgaard) a struggling young writer finally having a chance to sell his somewhat autobiographical script.  The complication is that the producer wants to ...
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What’s Up Doc?

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What’s Up Doc? Ryan O'Neal was Dr. Howard Bannister in the 1970's film What's Up Doc? trying to win a grant to study his musical igneous rocks and caught up in a whirlwhind in the form of Barbra Streisand who's Judy Maxwell turns ...
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Eating Out: All You Can Eat

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Eating Out:  All You Can Eat The third installment of the "Eating Out" series, All You Can Eat, continues with the confusion of who's who with straight guys pretending to be gay for various reasons.  Casey (Daniel Skelton) comes to town and falls for Zack (Chris ...
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