Written on Jan 30 10 // Gay Movies.

Everett (Brendan Bradley) is in a lackluster relationship with Miles (Tad Coughenour) and seems to be sticking around because of their son and possibly the fact that their small town only has about a dozen people and pickings may be a bit slim.  Everett is left at home when Miles takes their son to visit the grandparents.  That’s when Chase (Matthew Montgomery), a writer looking for a place to revitalize himself, gets lost and stops to ask Everett directions.  Everett appoints himself Chase’s tour guide and the two start to fall for one another.  Even Everett’s parents and brother Shane (Simon Burzynski) start to fall for Chase, but will Everett leave his comfortable if boring life? Good movie, but not wild about the way it ended.  Redwoods.

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