Flesh for Frankenstein

Written on Nov 06 09 // Cute Guys.

Paul Morriessey’s Flesh for Frankenstein retells the “Frankenstein” story with Udo Kier as Baron Frankenstein trying to create a super race of Serbian zombies who will worship him as their master. Part of his plan is creating a male and female creature and having them breed his new subjects. In seeking a head for his male monster, he picks a man, Sacha (Srdjan Zelenovic) he sees in a brothel, mistaking him for some sort of super stud, not realizing that he’d been dragged there by his buddy Nicholas (Joe Dallesandro). Unfortunately for the Baron’s plans, Sacha’s eyes were only for Nicholas in the room full of naked women. Once Sacha’s head is in place, the Baron finds he has no interest in the female creature. Meanwhile, Nicholas has caught the eye of the Baroness who needs some “company” while the Baron is at his work.

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