Trick or Treat

Written on Oct 31 09 // Cute Guys.

There’s a few horror movies that you don’t watch for the chills. Happy Halloween.

Wolves of Wall Street

William Gregory Lee (Dante’s Cove) stars in Wolves of Wall Street as a young man who comes to New York seeking his dream only to fall in with a pack of evil underwear models who are stock brokers by day and werewolves by night.

Voodoo Academy

Voodoo Academy (2000) is a soft porn horror flick in which wholesome, attractive young men are lured into a bible college (with all of 6 students) where they spend a lot of time in their underwear being subjected to weird rituals by the cute priest and the strange woman who run the place. Not much point, but lots of skin.


In 2003’s Leeches, we find that the steriod popping swim team has been spending time frolicking in the local pond where they’re getting sucked on by leeches. Of course, this makes the leeches grow huge and hungry for more tender, young hunks. Plenty of scantily clad, muscled young men in speedos and underwear. But none of them actually fast enough to outrun the leeches.

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