Written on Aug 14 09 // Gay Movies.

What are the forces of evil to do when the last scion of generations spent perpetuating badness passed from father to son turns out to be gay?

Cthulhu takes the works of H.P. Lovecraft as a starting point and puts a modern spin on the tales of ancient evils. Gay college professor Russ (Jason Cottle) returns to the creepy sea side town he was born in to attend his mother’s funeral. His father’s in charge of the local cult and the entire town seems a little odd towards him.  Is it because he’s gay or that he’s the embodiment of evil nastiness? Russ strikes up a relationship with Mike (Scott Green), his childhood friend, and has to choose between his love or reigning over a dark empire. This was actually a fun movie, though slow in spots. Reminded me of late night monster movies when I was a kid, and having a gay protagonist was extra nifty. If you watch the DVD, the commentary is worth a listen as the director and writer (apparently a first movie for them) spend all their time trashing the film as an apocryphal lesson to other film makers; kinda funny actually.

So what do the forces of evil do? They send in Tori Spelling to get the job done.

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