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Walk on Water

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Walk on Water Eyal (Lior Ashkenazi) is an Israeli intelligence agent who returns after a successful run assassinating terrorists to find that his wife has committed suicide. After his refusal to go to therapy, his boss puts him on the trail of an ...
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Making Love

Comments Off on Making Love // Aug 21 09 // Gay Movies
Making Love Michael Ontkean is Dr. Zach Elliott and Harry Hamlin is Bart McGuire in Making Love. In this 1980's picture, Zach has been mostly happily married to Claire (Kate Jackson) for 8 years. He's started to question his sexuality, but can't ...
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Comments Off on Cthulhu // Aug 14 09 // Gay Movies
Cthulhu What are the forces of evil to do when the last scion of generations spent perpetuating badness passed from father to son turns out to be gay? Cthulhu takes the works of H.P. Lovecraft as a starting point and puts a ...
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Tan Lines

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Tan Lines More surfing going on in Tan Lines. The basic plot idea is the same as Shelter: young Midget Hollows (Jack Baxter) falls for his best friend Dan's (Jed Clark) older brother Cass (Daniel O'Leary) and they hang around ...
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