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Big Wednesday

Comments Off on Big Wednesday // Jul 31 09 // Cute Guys
Big Wednesday When Big Wednesday comes, a trio of former "hot dog" surfers re-unite for one last big wave. Matt Johnson (Jan-Michael Vincent) was the hottest surfer on the beach that all the rest looked up to. He and his ...
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Comments Off on Shelter // Jul 24 09 // Gay Movies
Shelter In Shelter, Zach (Trevor Wright) is a young man struggling to help his nephew since his sister can't get her act together to really take care of the boy. His best friend Gabe (Ross Thomas) has moved away to ...
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Get Your Stuff

Comments Off on Get Your Stuff // Jul 17 09 // Gay Movies
Get Your Stuff Eric (Anthony Meindl) and Phil (Cameron Watson) are a gay couple looking to adopt a baby. Then a social worker cons them into taking two troublesome boys for just one (more) day. Then the boy's drunken mother shows ...
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Were the World Mine

Comments Off on Were the World Mine // Jul 10 09 // Gay Movies
Were the World Mine Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is a student in a private school who's cast as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream by his eccentric drama teacher. Studying his lines, he discovers a recipe for a secret love potion hidden in the ...
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Hate Crime

Comments Off on Hate Crime // Jul 03 09 // Gay Movies
Hate Crime This movie ended up being a pleasant surprise. Hate Crime was in the bargain bin and it had a first time director, so I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be very well done with an interesting story. Robbie ...
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