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Playroom Playroom (aka Consequences) - a group of mostly jock buddies (Chris Cannon, Nicholas Kattar, Paul Marron, Adam Ratcliffe & Michael Tranzilli) from high school reunite for their annual "football weekend" away from thier wives and families. This time, two of ...
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Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

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Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror takes us to a run down, way out of the way, gay bed and breakfast run by a demented woman and her daughter. This is where you end up on the big party ...
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1 Comment // Jun 14 09 // Gay Movies
Mulligans In Mulligans, Tyler (Derek Baynham) brings his best friend Chase (Charlie David) home from college for the summer. When Chase gets tired of Tyler trying to fix him up with the local bimbos, he finally lets his buddy know ...
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Prom Queen

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Prom Queen Aaron Ashmore (Sean's twin) is Marc Hall in Prom Queen. Based on a true story of a Canadian high school student who wants to take his boyfriend Jason, (Mac Fyfe) to the prom at his Catholic school. His ...
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