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Max (Clive Owen) is a gay man living in Nazi Germany. The movie begins just as the Nazi’s decide to purge the homosexuals from their government, Max has picked up Wolf (Nikolaj Waldau), a young, blond, stormtrooper, in a gay hang out. Wolf is on the list to be killed, and the Nazi’s show up at Max’s apartment in the morning. Max and his friend Rudy (Brian Webber) go on the run. Eventually captured, Max ends up in the Dachau concentration camp, but pretends to be Jewish to avoid getting a pink triangle marking him as a homosexual. He befreinds Horst (Lothaire Bluteau), another gay man, while in the camp and something of a romance develops under the harsh conditions.

Ian McKellen is Max’s Uncle Freddie who Max turns to for help while on the run. Mick Jagger is the transvestite singer in the gay nightclub.

A tragic but well done movie. Bent (1997).

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