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Make the Yuletide Gay

Comments Off on Make the Yuletide Gay // Dec 20 09 // Gay Movies
Make the Yuletide Gay Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson (Keith Jordan) is out at college but straightens up when he heads home for Christmas break with his mid-western parents. Meanwhile, his boyfriend Nathan (Adamo Ruggiero) whose own parents go on a last minute cruise ditching him ...
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A Home at the End of the World

Comments Off on A Home at the End of the World // Dec 06 09 // Gay Movies
A Home at the End of the World Bobby (Colin Farrell), Jonathan (Dallas Roberts) and Clare (Robin Wright Penn) form an unconventional family. Jonathan is a gay man living in New York when his childhood friend / adopted brother Bobby comes to live with him and his roommate ...
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Flesh for Frankenstein

1 Comment // Nov 06 09 // Cute Guys
Flesh for Frankenstein Paul Morriessey's Flesh for Frankenstein retells the "Frankenstein" story with Udo Kier as Baron Frankenstein trying to create a super race of Serbian zombies who will worship him as their master. Part of his plan is creating a male and ...
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Trick or Treat

Comments Off on Trick or Treat // Oct 31 09 // Cute Guys
Trick or Treat There's a few horror movies that you don't watch for the chills. Happy Halloween. Wolves of Wall Street William Gregory Lee (Dante’s Cove) stars in Wolves of Wall Street as a young man who comes to New York seeking his dream only ...
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Green Plaid Shirt

Comments Off on Green Plaid Shirt // Oct 25 09 // Gay Movies
Green Plaid Shirt Guy (Kevin Spirtas) and Phillip (Gregory Phelan) meet at a garage sale where they are both looking at the same Green Plaid Shirt. The two start a relationship which has it's rocky moments. Set in the late 1970's, we find ...
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Bump! South America

Comments Off on Bump! South America // Oct 18 09 // Cute Guys
Bump! South America Bump! is a gay travel show. Hosted by Charlie David, it visits vacation spots and highlights where to find gay and lesbian attractions. Hotels, restaurants, night life and of course shopping. Now on DVD, the South America edition goes to ...
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Between Something and Nothing

Comments Off on Between Something and Nothing // Oct 11 09 // Gay Movies
Between Something and Nothing Joe (Tim Swain) is an art school student on a scholarship who picks up extra money hustling. In between drawing, hanging out and getting stoned with his fag-hag, and getting unfortunate haircuts he starts to fall for Ramon (Gil Bar-Sela) ...
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Grand Sons

Comments Off on Grand Sons // Oct 04 09 // Gay Movies
Grand Sons Regine is a grandmother who's gay grandson Guillaume (Guillaume Quatravaux) is still grieving for his now 2 years departed mother whose ashes sit in a suitcase on gradma's balcony because Guillaume hasn't gotten them scattered over Scotland yet. Then ...
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