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Surge of Power: the Stuff of Heroes

2 Comments // Dec 31 08 // Cute Guys
Surge of Power:  the Stuff of Heroes In Surge of Power, young Gavin (Vincent J. Roth) is a corporate attorney and a comic book nerd. One day while visiting the company lab to get some paperwork signed, an evil mad scientist breaks in and causes an accident ...
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1 Comment // Dec 22 08 // Gay Movies
Luster In Luster, Jackson (Justin Herwick) works in a record store and longs to be a poet. Jackson is obsessed with Billy (Jonah Blechman) a guy he met at a party who can't be bothered and is oblivious to the ...
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Dog Tags

Comments Off on Dog Tags // Dec 13 08 // Gay Movies
Dog Tags In 2008's Dog Tags, Nate (Paul Preiss) is a young man with no direction who's decided to go into the Marines. While on leave, he returns home. On the way he gets picked up by a man offering ...
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Burnt Money

Comments Off on Burnt Money // Dec 07 08 // Gay Movies
Burnt Money In 1960's Argentina, Angel (Eduardo Noriega) and Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia) meet in a men's room and become lovers in Burnt Money. They are known as "The Twins" not because they look alike but they are always seen together and ...
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