A Four Letter Word

Written on Sep 26 08 // Cute Guys, Gay Movies.

Luke (Jesse Archer) is a, well, “free spirited” gay man who spends his evenings on “manhunts” with his friends. He runs into Stephen (Charlie David, from “Dante’s Cove”) at a bar who calls him a “gay cliche.” The two have another encounter and start to fall for one each other. Meantime, Luke’s co-worker, at a gay sex shop, Zeke (Cory Grant) discovers Stephen’s hustliing ad. The movie also follows Luke’s friends Peter (Steven Goldsmith) and Derek (J.R. Rolley) who’ve just moved in together and are working through their relationship with Peter being a control freak and Derek just wanting to be left to be himself. “A Four Letter Word” is a semi-sequel to Caspar Andreas’ “Slutty Summer.”

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