2 Minutes Later

Written on Sep 19 08 // Cute Guys, Gay Movies.

2 Minutes Later follows Michael (Michael Molina), a gay insurance investigator, who drops in to see his twin brother (also gay) Kyle, a famous photographer of male nudes only to find that Kyle has disappeared. Michael hooks up with lesbian detective Abigail (Jessica Graham) who was hired by Kyle’s agent and they begin to interrogate Kyle’s recent models (who run around mostly naked) to see what they know about Kyle’s disappearance. J. Matthew Miller, Joe Almanza, Grant Barker, Houston Bernard and Scott Spragg are some of the hot guys they have to grill to solve the case. It was a cute little mystery story – great way to spend some time and the DVD extras give us nice long (mostly nekkid) looks at the models / suspects.

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  • And for more eye candy of the NSFW variety, try The Celebrity Discussion Board.  A little more than shirtless.   There are a couple of threads there on this film.

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