Surrender Dorothy

Written on Sep 07 08 // Cute Guys.

Surrender Dorothy gives us a group of friends on vacation at a summer cottage. Sarah (Alexa Davalos) is a careless driver and, fag hag for Adam (Tom Everett Scott), who gets herself killed in an accident. Her mother Natalie (Dianne Keaton), moves into the vacation house with her daughter’s friends to work through her grief and drives the group nuts. Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk, plays Shawn, Adam’s lover. Josh Hopkins is Peter one of the group of friends who’s having marital issues that don’t seem to be helped by having Keaton around.

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    Two of my favorite guys in one bed? That’s what I call heaven! Great quality caps, thanks for these. 🙂

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    chris pine

    nice post. i didn’t even know chris pine was in this movie. looks like i need to rent the dvd.

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