Back Soon

Written on Aug 08 08 // Cute Guys.

In Back Soon, Logan (Windham Beacham) is a young widower selling his house. Gil (Matthew Montgomery), a stranger, shows up and buys it and the two straight men develop a friendship. When Logan’s car won’t start he stays on Gil’s couch. Dreaming about his dead wife, Logan sleepwalks and ends up in Gil’s bed. Is their relationship just two straight guys coming to a realization about themselves, or is there something more supernatural at work? Great movie.

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    While Windham is definitely easy on the eyes, of what is known about him, he appears to be a very strange and scary guy (destroying L.A. with a death ray!).

  2. 2

    Oh, THAT death ray. . . .

    Who hasn’t wanted to destroy a major city with a death ray?

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