Bowser Makes a Movie

Written on Jul 11 08 // Cute Guys.

In Bowser Makes a Movie, a young man named Bowser (Nick Lewis) has been fired from job after job. He finally tells his parents of his dream to become a porn director. As you can imagine, that went well. With only the support of his best friend (Kevin Viol) who’s secretly in love with him, Bowser impersonates his father to get a loan to make his movie, then loses the money, has to take financing to a pervert who wants to take over, then a loan shark somehow gets involved. Made by an actual porn director, it’s like a porn movie without the plot and without the porn. Not a good combination. Some eye candy, but not enough.

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    Psychic Advice

    Too bad i didnt come across this blog before. Great stuff you got here. Thanks.

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    Thank god i’ve been avoiding this movie like the plague on my weekly trips to Blockbuster.

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