Spartacus (2004)

Written on Feb 16 08 // Cute Guys.

The 2004 version of Spartacus stars Goran Visnjic as the title characater and Paul Telfer as his loyal little buddy, Gannicus. Spartacus, the Thracian, is a slave taken into gladiator school who leads a revolt of Roman slaves (circa 73 BC -71 BC). After leading the Romans on a bit of a chase, he is finally tracked down by the irate Roman consuls. Let’s face it, you’d be a bit ticked off too if someone had stolen all your hunky slave boys.

Being a bit of a Roman history buff once upon a time, I reallly liked this. It’s no I Claudius, but not bad at all.

Goran Visnjic:

Paul Telfer:

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