Tides of War

Written on Jan 29 08 // Cute Guys.

In Tides of War, Frank Hably (Adrian Paul) is a Navy submarine commander whose lover is his Executive Officer (Mike Doyle). Leaving aside that this might not show great judgement, the sub is on patrol near North Korea when it’s attacked by an unidentified stealth sub, killing the Executive Officer. After facing an inquiry and fearing court martial (not for being gay, just for almost getting his boat sunk), Hably is brought back to command a secret mission with a new Executive Officer (Matthew St. Patrick, of Six Feet Under fame) who’s watching his every move. Vindication arrives in the form of another sneak attack. Kent McCord and Matt Battaglia also have roles.

I’d about given up on ever finding a copy of this when I stumbled on an offer in another DVD for a free promotional copy from Here! TV.

A few more caps here.

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    I’ve been searching for this forever. Where can i find it?

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    I looked for it forever myself. I finally got mine as part of a promotion from Here TV. I just happened to look at the promotional material in another DVD I got and found a flier for it as a free giveaway. You might try contacting them and see if there’s anyplace you can get it.

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