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Surge of Power: the Stuff of Heroes

2 Comments // Dec 31 08 // Cute Guys
Surge of Power:  the Stuff of Heroes In Surge of Power, young Gavin (Vincent J. Roth) is a corporate attorney and a comic book nerd. One day while visiting the company lab to get some paperwork signed, an evil mad scientist breaks in and causes an accident ...
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1 Comment // Dec 22 08 // Gay Movies
Luster In Luster, Jackson (Justin Herwick) works in a record store and longs to be a poet. Jackson is obsessed with Billy (Jonah Blechman) a guy he met at a party who can't be bothered and is oblivious to the ...
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Dog Tags

Comments Off on Dog Tags // Dec 13 08 // Gay Movies
Dog Tags In 2008's Dog Tags, Nate (Paul Preiss) is a young man with no direction who's decided to go into the Marines. While on leave, he returns home. On the way he gets picked up by a man offering ...
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Burnt Money

Comments Off on Burnt Money // Dec 07 08 // Gay Movies
Burnt Money In 1960's Argentina, Angel (Eduardo Noriega) and Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia) meet in a men's room and become lovers in Burnt Money. They are known as "The Twins" not because they look alike but they are always seen together and ...
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An Angel Named Billy

Comments Off on An Angel Named Billy // Nov 30 08 // Gay Movies
An Angel Named Billy Billy (Dustin Belt) is a young man living with his alcoholic, bible thumping father who catches Billy in his first kiss with another guy. You can guess how well that goes over. Fleeing to the big city, ...
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Parallel Sons

Comments Off on Parallel Sons // Nov 25 08 // Gay Movies
Parallel Sons In Parallel Sons, Seth (Gabriel Mann) is a young man in a small mountain town in the northeast. He's fascinated by Black pop culture but has never seen a Black man before (although his walls are covered with pictures ...
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Never Back Down

1 Comment // Nov 19 08 // Cute Guys
Never Back Down Jake (Sean Faris) moves to a new school so his little brother can play tennis. Jake's reputation as a brawler preceeds him due to a Youtube clip of him fighting on the football field. The local bully boy, ...
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Just Can’t Get Enough

Comments Off on Just Can’t Get Enough // Nov 08 08 // Cute Guys
Just Can’t Get Enough Just Can't Get Enough tells the story of the start of the Chippendale's night club and it's male dancers. The movie follows Chad (Jonathan Aube) who's "discovered" by Steve Banerjee (Shelley Malil), founder of Chippendales, on the beach. ...
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