Brendan MacKey and Glen Mulhern

Written on Sep 30 07 // Cute Guys.

A Britsh comedy, 9 Dead Gay Guys, is the tale of Byron (Brendan MacKey) and Kenny (Glen Mulhern) who are two Irish lads come to London. Byron is having sex in the local gay pub to earn drinking money. Kenny is surpised about his friend but soon finds himself not only into gay sex for “legitimate business purposes” but because he finds he’s gay.

After Kenny “shags” Byron’s steady customer to death, the two set out to find the legendary money in Golders Greene’s bed; the money thought stolen when “the Queen” was murdered with a “class 5 offensive weapon.” That is, if they can find a way into Golders Greene’s bed without passing the “really hard Red Bull test” (stack two Red Bull drinks together). Along the way, they encounter the Deperate Dwarf, the Iron Lady, Donkey-Dick Dark, and assorted other oddball characters.

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