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Urbania follows Charlie (Dan Futterman) through a night haunted by urban legends.  Old ladies popping poodles in microwaves, kidneys being stolen, and hotel workers doing nasty things with toothbrushes.  Charlie has flashbacks to his lover Chris (Matt Keeslar) who he appears to be estranged from.  It appears Charlie is hunting a guy who was a former one night stand that he wants to hook up with, but it turns out that’s not why he’s on a manhunt, he’s out for revenge.

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    This is a very strange and disturbing movie. Futterman and Keeslar are beautiful, no doubt about it, but the movie is worth watching for the story. You’ll be thinking about this one for days after you see it.

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    It is a great movie, keeps you guessing. I’ve only gotten through watching some of the DVD extras, but an interview with the director says that it was based on a play which he changed around a bit for the movie.

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