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Brendan MacKey and Glen Mulhern

Comments Off on Brendan MacKey and Glen Mulhern // Sep 30 07 // Cute Guys | No image available A Britsh comedy, 9 Dead Gay Guys, is the tale of Byron (Brendan MacKey) and Kenny (Glen Mulhern) who are two Irish lads come to London. Byron is having sex in the local gay pub to earn drinking money. ...
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Regular Guys

1 Comment // Sep 24 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Regular Guys is a 1996 German comedy. Christoph (Christoph M. Ohrtis) is a cop who gets drunk one night after his fiancee kicks him out. He winds up in a gay bar and later wakes up in bed ...
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Scary Mary Vid Clip

Comments Off on Scary Mary Vid Clip // Sep 18 07 // Humor | No image available Mary Poppins: there was always something a little off about her. . . . Scary Mary PoppinsPosted Oct 30, 2006The Disney classic is recut as a horror film by Chris Rule.
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Mambo Italiano

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Mambo Italiano Angelo (Luke Kirby) is an Italian gay man in Montreal.  He finally works up the courage to move out of his house and his apartment gets trashed on the first day.  One of the cops who shows up ...
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3 Comments // Sep 02 07 // Cute Guys
Urbania Urbania follows Charlie (Dan Futterman) through a night haunted by urban legends.  Old ladies popping poodles in microwaves, kidneys being stolen, and hotel workers doing nasty things with toothbrushes.  Charlie has flashbacks to his lover Chris (Matt Keeslar) ...
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