When Darkness Falls

Written on Aug 11 07 // Cute Guys.

Kevin (Mike Dolan) invites Danny (Matt Austin), his new boyfriend, to his parents’ cabin in the woods. The first clue that this might not be all I’d hoped is endless shots of a truck driving and driving and driving up old country roads. I guess this was to let us know that they’re way out in the country, but it seems like they got paid by the minute and needed to pad the DVD. Boyfriend turns out to be the nervous type (it’s his first “guy date” and he’s still not over the “Dahmer thing”) and Kevin can’t resist teasing him, especially about the graveyard next door.

Then there’s the local legend about a killer. And you should never say his name five times. . . .

We end up with a bunch of young gay guys who take turns trying to scare each other. The kind of people who deserve to be killed and eaten. If you’re absolutely desperate for gay zombies, check it out, otherwise it’s very disappointing. And no where near enough eye candy to save it.

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